No matter your fitness level, these classes will allow you to learn basic principles and techniques.  When you get to class let us know of any medical conditions, especially neck or back problems, so we can tailor your experience to maximize your session and keep you safe.

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Pilates Mat I – Best for those with minimal Pilates experience
Pilates Mat I/II – Appropriate for all levels
Pilates Barre- Learn Pilates and Barre technique together in one class
Pilates Boot Camp – A challenging workout
Therapeutic Pilates – A gentle class for injured students (6-week workshop)
Restorative Pilates – A foundational course of reawakening (8-week workshop)
Pilates Equipment Circuit – Reformer, chair and other apparatus (6-week workshop)


Gentle Yoga – Perfect for easing into yoga and learning the basics
Flow Yoga I – The perfect place to start
Flow Yoga I/II – Great for all levels
Yoga Barre – A fun mix of yoga and dance postures
Hot Gentle Yoga – 85° – A perfect intro to hot
Hot Flow Yoga I/II – 95° – An intense workout for all levels
Hot Hatha I/II (26 poses) – 110° – Your favorite poses for 60 minutes, all levels
Hot Power Flow Yoga Fundamentals – Get started getting hot  (6-week workshop)
Yoga for Men – The name says it all  (6-week workshop)
Yoga Fundamentals – A great place to start your practice  (6-week workshop)
Therapeutic Yoga –  A  tailored experience for overcoming hurdles (6-week workshop)
Therapeutic Yoga for Back Pain – Regain postural alignment and ease back discomfort.  (6-week workshop)